Brian Cunnie

Software Developer

1711 Washington St. Apt 8
San Francisco, CA 94109
cell: 650.968.6262


Not currently looking, but if I were, it would be for a four-day workweek software developer position in the San Francisco Bay Area, one accessible by public transportation, with pair programming.


Programming Languages (Test Frameworks): Golang (Ginkgo), Ruby (RSpec), Python (unittest), Javascript/ReactJS (Jasmine, Jest), Java, bash, Perl, C, C++, APL, Assembler

Tools and Declarative Languages: Cloud Foundry CLI, BOSH, git, JetBrains's IDEs (Goland, RubyMine, WebStorm, PyCharm), Android Studio, CSS, HTML, Concourse CI, ZFS, SQL, svn

Operating System and Infrastructures-as-a-Service (IaaSes): macOS, Linux, FreeBSD, ESXi (vSphere), FreeBSD, MS Windows, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), VMware vSphere

Network Protocols & Services: TCP/IP (routing, DHCP, IPv6, NDP, firewalls (iptables and pf)), DNS (BIND, named, djbdns, PowerDNS), email (Sendmail, qmail, Postfix), HTTP servers (Apache, nginx)


Software Engineer, VMware (formerly Pivotal), San Francisco, CA
6/11 to present

Systems Administrator, Arda Technologies (acquired by Google), Mountain View, CA
12/07 to 6/11

Provided computer support for an IC Design Startup.

Systems Administrator, Aeluros (acquired by Broadcom), Mountain View, CA
3/02 to 12/07

Provided computer support for an IC Design Startup.

Extracurricular Activities

I run, a DNS service which maps specially-crafted hostnames to IP addresses. It made the top spot on Hacker News when I announced it.

I also run five servers in the NTP pool which carry an aggregate of 1% of the US NTP pool traffic.

I (with Dmitriy Kalinin) added IPv6 support to BOSH.

I contribute to open source projects. My favorite contribution: updating Ruby's core library, openssl, to correctly verify abbreviated IPv6 SANs.

I blog what captures my interest, including how to best organize your Golang unit tests (1), how to enable IPv6 on Cloud Foundry's HAProxy (1), benchmarks of a 10 GbE-backed NAS server (1), transferring time-based one-time passwords to a new smartphone (1), uncovering a man-in-the-middle SSH proxy (1), how to install a TLS Certificate on vCenter server appliance (VCSA) (1), benchmarking the disk speed of IaaSes (1), deploying BOSH VMs with IPv6 addresses to vSphere (1) and to AWS (2), maintaining BOSH Directors with Concourse CI and bosh-deployment (1), why is my NTP server costing me $500/year (1 (top spot on Hacker News), 2, 3), deploying a BOSH Director With SSL certificates issued by a commercial CA (1), how to customize a BOSH stemcell (1), updating a BOSH Release (1), Concourse CI has badges (1), Concourse CI without a load balancer (1), the world's smallest Concourse CI server (1), setting up and benchmarking the iSCSI performance of a ZFS fileserver (1, 2), installing Cloud Foundry in a home lab (1, 2, 3, and 4), setting up a DNS, NTP and nginx server in the cloud (1, 2, 3, 4, and 5), configuring and troubleshooting an IPv6 firewall (1, 2, 3, and 4), using Ruby Expect to control network appliances (1), using DNS-SD to make printing easier (1), locking down an ethernet network (1), and many more. I've written blog posts as part of my job as well, and do not include those posts in the above list.

I swim in the San Francisco Bay and play rugby.


Stevens Institute of Technology, June 1989
Master of Science and Engineering, Major in Telecommunications Engineering

University of Pennsylvania, August 1986
Bachelor of Science and Engineering, Major in Computer Science Engineering

Ongoing, non-degree-related education:


National Merit Scholar