Brian Cunnie

1711 Washington St. Apt 8
San Francisco, CA 94109

cell: 650.968.6262


A four-day workweek sysadmin/developer position in the San Francisco Bay Area, one accessible by public transportation.


Operating Systems: OS X, ESXi, Linux (Ubuntu, Red Hat), FreeBSD, MS Windows (7, Vista, 2008 Server, 2003 Server)

Programming Languages: Ruby, Python, Perl(/Tk), C, C++, PHP, APL, Assembler

Scripting, Declarative Languages, and Tools: git, bash, RubyMine, Chef, CSS, HTML, Jenkins, ZFS, MySQL, DD-WRT, svn (subversion), OpenVPN (+OATH TOTP), Google Apps, NetApp, VMWare (Fusion, vCenter Server)

Network Protocols & Services: TCP/IP (static routes, subnet masks, ping, traceroute, tcpdump/wireshark), NFS (servers, clients, automount/amd/autofs, tuning), DNS/bind/named (SOA, NS, A, MX, PTR, CNAME), DHCP, OpenLDAP 2.x (slapd), Sendmail (8.12+, m4, domain masquerading, etc.), Apache webserver (1.3+, 2.x, virtual nameservers, SSL, CGI), pop3 & imap (qpopper, cyrus-imapd), NIS (master server, clients), Samba 3, SquirrelMail, firewalls (FreeBSD (pf), Linux (iptables))


Pivot, Pivotal Labs, San Francisco, CA
6/11 to present

Systems Administrator, Arda Technologies (acquired by Google), Mountain View, CA
12/07 to 6/11

Provided computer support for an IC Design Startup.

Systems Administrator, Aeluros (acquired by Broadcom), Mountain View, CA
3/02 to 12/07

Provided computer support for an IC Design Startup.

Systems Administrator, Skymoon Ventures, Palo Alto, CA
8/00 to 3/02

Provided computer support for a Venture Capital incubator and its various startups (e.g. Freespace Communications, AON Networks, Pixonics, Sahasra Networks, Pedestal Networks).

Systems Administrator,, San Francisco, CA
7/99 to 8/00

Was one of first employees at a dot-com startup. Provided almost every type of computer-related support imaginable. Built most of the company IT infrastructure from ground-up, with heavy but realistic emphasis on open-source solutions.

Systems Administrator, Wells Fargo Bank, San Francisco, CA

Provided UNIX systems support for ~200 production UNIX machines that comprised a portion of Wells Fargo Bank’s production environment.


Stevens Institute of Technology, June 1989
Master of Science and Engineering, Major in Telecommunications Engineering

University of Pennsylvania, August 1986
Bachelor of Science and Engineering, Major in Computer Science Engineering


National Merit Scholar


I blog. Topics include setting up and benchmarking the iSCSI performance of a ZFS fileserver (1, 2), installing Cloud Foundry in a home lab (1, 2, 3, and 4), setting up a DNS, NTP and nginx server in the cloud (1, 2, 3, 4, and 5), configuring and troubleshooting an IPv6 firewall (1, 2, 3, and 4), using Ruby Expect to control network appliances (1), using DNS-SD to make printing easier (1), locking down an ethernet network (1), and much more. I am currently the all-time most popular blogger at Pivotal Labs (based on number of page views).

I contribute to open source projects (1).

I keep my skills current (Python (1), Ruby on Rails (1)).

I enjoy open water swimming and rugby.

A Casual Description of What I Do

I am a good systems administrator. Really good. I have worked for three CTOs at three different startups, all of whom were exceptional systems administrators in their own right, and I was able to create and maintain an environment to their satisfaction—I am, if you will, a system administrator’s system administrator.

I know how to do my job: I can set my own budget, work within extremely frugal constraints, and keep things running. There has been almost no downtime at the companies at which I have worked, and that’s not because I’m lucky: it’s because I had put thought and effort into making sure that, when things failed, we were prepared.

I see the bigger picture. I'll happily outsource webhosting and email although I am quite capable of bringing them in-house. I purchased a commercial firewall even though I could have built a better one from that old laptop in the corner. I don’t insist that everyone runs Linux. I step in when vendors fail: I spent a week working with Marketing on the new website launch after their web designer told them that he couldn’t help them anymore.